Approach or Vectors?

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I wanted to ask what the difference is when you ask Approach or Vectors.

When you ask for an approach you are going to get vectors (heading instructions) to the runway they give you. Radar vectors is vectors to the base or downwind leg before getting handed to tower.


Vectors will get you in the pattern of an airport. Approach will get you on final to the airport and assigned runway.

Can you ask both at an ATIS airport?

At busy airports it’s best to request approach so that everything is evenly sequence and expedited. But yes you can request both at an airport

Ok, Thank you

Anytime. If you need anything feel free to pm me

If you ask for an approach and then radar vectors you’re changing your intentions. I highly suggest to stick with one plan or intention to reduce stress on the controller so they can plan ahead.


Ok, I try it now at RJTT

Be sure to follow all instructions from the controller. If your still unsure I advise you to not try it. The #tutorials section is always there for ya as well.

I saw the Tutorial from Mark

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Can ATIS say whether you should do approach or vectors?

That’s totally up to you and what you want to do. :)

Ok, Thank you

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Should I wait before I can listen to the ATIS? So before I go into the approach

You should always listen to ATIS before pushing back or approaching an active airport.

No, I mean the ATIS from my Arrival Airport

Ok, Thank you
So should I wait to tune in Approach ?

You’ll be able to tune ATIS before your in range to contact approach so yeah tune and pick up the active ATIS and then contact approach when in range.

I couldn’t get into the Atis