Approach option for smaller planes

hello everyone

i am just testing the water here before doing an officiel post in features

would some people be interested in approach feature for the smaller planes like 172, 208, cirrus?

thanks for the feedback


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They don’t actually have autoland as far as I know

They do not have any sort of auto land in real life so it won’t be added to IF.

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Why would we put autoland on these aircraft? These aircraft are for you to learn to land not make it do it for you. This is the best part of a simulator, learning! If you don’t learn anything how is it fun? I enjoy learning the spit, what’s next? We autoland that? This is a simulator, were as these aircrafts don’t have autoland, they will most likely not have autoland.


But without auto land how do we land the plane! 😂

You land it the traditional way and show off your skills :D


Ok thanks for the feedback

For the people interested,
smaller planes can easily be equipped (for $$$) with VOR/ILS systems for IFR flying!
there is even an APR option on autopilot!
And like @Tecnam2TA thinks, its not a question of skill, Its a question of visibility!

They are already equipped with ILS equipment and autopilot

Haha:) In smaller planes it’s a matter of having skill, stamina, and visibility.

Says the guy who actually flies.

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Yea the one I fly doesn’t have auto pilot though it does have ILS capability’s though

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