Approach on Runways without ILS

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i have a problem. Before the actual version of IF you were able to fly an approach on runways without ILS and you had also the green Marker for the altitude and if you are in line or Not. Now i know how to use the nav1 with ILS but Not how to get those informations without ILS. I just fly how i See the Runway :D or is it correct and you have no Marker during visuals anymore? Thx for your help :)

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Would this help you at all?

I’m slightly confused what you’re asking here. If you’re refrencing the new GPS update that:

Basically they are now just visual approaches. 🤔

I believe what you are asking is if you can still get the localizer and glide slope for a GPS approach…

With the new update, you can no longer fly a GPS approach with these landing aids. GPS approaches now are flown visually. My recommendation is to use the PAPI lights on the side of the runway to help you your height on approach.

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This is the important part here from what I understand.


Yeah thx, this is what i mean :)

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