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Hello fellow aviators of IF,
For the serious players out there such as my self I think you will like this. What if IF had approaches for aircraft coming in from the South/North/East/West for all class B & C airspaces. And for ATC you can request (Ex. C172 coming into PHNL would request a north to arrival) and the map would have a path in a different color for all the approaches into that airport. You would get on that path and follow it just to make the game more realistic. Please tell me your thoughts on this.

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Would be great to have this :D


Very good idea but in simplest term say you request departure/arrival once you get assigned runway that plate/procedure(Sid/star) should automatically get load in to your map. That’s what happen in real world, single click to load Sid/star from the entry point. Even for holding you enter Course and eaither 5mile or 5min you are done, I don’t know about colouring line other then magenta once Plan active, I don’t want my map to look like Xmas tree.


I use real world IFR plates for flying and controlling in Seattle.

Unfortunately controllers, playground and/or advanced, do not use the standard approaches. As a result, my arrival charts for Seattle become irrelevant. Because of that, I tend avoid controlled airspaces in Seattle.

And when controlling in Seattle, a lot of the high XP pilots prefer to say “Unable” and insist on approaching over no fly areas or altitudes.

I don’t care so much in other regions where I don’t know the real world routes, because as they say, ignorance is bliss :)


I use the FLIP’s Tom and I agree “some” hi XP’s do there own thing. It’s not “ignorance” it’s just time consuming. Note most of those you ID don’t even file or go Sq1200/VFR. Don’t file in the real world other than “remaining in the pattern” at a remote gets immediate attention and offers Controllers an unwarranted distraction. Max Sends


The devs simply need to implement STARs into each map. Click on any major airport on the map, and a list of STARs appears. Select the STAR you want and it implements it into your flight plan. Then aircraft can follow the STARs on approach in an orderly and more importantly, REALISTIC manner. Would prevent half the current chaos.

FYI yes I know I can look up the procedures and manually enter in the STAR (I always do this) however 98% of people don’t. They put it in the ‘too hard basket’

I’m not confident whatsoever of this ever happening though, no suggestion in the features section seem to get implemented. Apparently that ‘too hard basket’ isn’t full yet


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Takes me less than 3 minutes to create an entire flight plan including looking up the procedure, finding the waypoints, and entering them in. Takes me less than 1 minute for the ones I know off by heart.

Commercial aircraft sit at a gate for 30-60-90 minutes between flights! Spending a few minutes entering in your flight plan is nothing!


I’ll even go as far as saying, impatience is the single biggest problem with people in IF. Everyone is too impatient - from flight planning, pre flight preparations, taxiing, holding short, cruise speed (a day doesn’t go by where someone isn’t doing Mach 1 in an A380) people turning base and cutting into final in the middle of a perfect sequence, then their final approach speed is 250 knots and they burn past 2 aircraft ahead of them - why? Because they are too impatient to extend that downwind leg, too impatient to fly at 200 knots, too impatient to line up behind 2 other aircraft holding short in front of them, and too impatient to create a flight plan…

Patience is a virtue. IF needs much, much more of it.