Approach names in IF vs real life

I looked up San Diego’s approach in IF. I found:
is that correct? Also, what else am I missing? I would like to know this because I am practising real-world procedure now and I need to be as accurate as possible.

Yes, you are correct. Here’s a list of approach prefixes from the ATC manual (reference 6.8.9):

Hope this helps!

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Ok, sweet, never realise that exists.

I’m not from the American region (Australian) but in real life we also fly GLS approaches. Check out airport charts of your region!

your GLS is probably our ILS, I fly in America.

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Alright mate. And ILS is basically LOC

make sure you have vertical guidence, different minimums.

Yes I know. Do you fly only IF?

No I am a FAA private pilot. 95/100 on instrument written, thank you Sheppard air.

More or less. GLS Approaches are being implemented in the US. KEWR is a good example. Instead of using a localizer and glideslope, which are radio signals (that are very sensitive and prone to interference), a GLS Approach utilizes GPS.

I was discussing with Tyler a few weeks back about it, and it’s essentially a GPS-created/charted ILS that offers the ultimate in precision approaches, but without the drawbacks a standard ILS can have. In shorter terms, you can consider it a next generation ILS. Much more safer, and much more precise in guidance.

It still relies on a ground signal, which is why it’s not classified under an RNAV GPS or RNAV RNP, but rather, as its own thing.


That’s what I love about them here in Aus

We currently have LPV, but that is not a precision approach. Thanks for letting me know that!

Very Nice! I’ll have to get mine at some point. I know what is needed RPL.Training mostly happens in the home simulator I have.


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