Approach mode

MY appr for runway 26L just flew me in to the ground and I landed on the ground bc if the approach mode. Panned to turn it off but instead it went above glide slope the nose dived the landed on the ground. Anyone else have this problem?

Can you provide us with some more info on your flight? Speed, VS, weight/balance, aircraft, flaps, etc?

ICAO code? Doesn’t help if I don’t know where this is occurring because I know a few airports where APPR will take you through a hill or two.

You might need to re-calibrate your device before turning off APPR mode.

At what heading and altitude did you intercept the cone?


It was following Goode slope for a while until it just stopped descending for a bit then just nosed dived. Also it’s not calibration

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Can you please give us more info on your flight to better help us identify your problem?

Hmm, shouldn’t be an issue with APPR taking you through terrain.

What was your speed, flap settings, spoiler settings, and weight? Oh, and aircraft too.

Final speed was 140 kts weight and balance 40% vs was up to appr

What was the aircraft?


Anyway I’m on final going for round two

Okay, what about the aircraft, flaps setting, spoiler setting? Please provide as much info as possible to better help us help you

Flaps 30 degrees spoilers were armed

🤔 I’d imagine it being a stall given your speed and the fact the 77F has derated engines compared to it’s base model, the 77L. Were the spoilers in flight or were they armed the whole time?

Armed the whole time

Was there any strong headwinds/crosswinds?

Id have to disagree here. I’ve made landings at 140kts in all 77-variants. The METAR is calm, just 7kt crosswind

Almost zero wind

You said that you went to turn APPR off. Did you do that before or after the nose-dive? Were you above or below the G/S and how far out was your final when this happened? What were your trim settings? When did you activate APPR in regards to the ‘cone’?