Approach Mode

Sorry for my frequent questions but what if my FPLN doesnt have a waypoint that brings me to the approach in a 30 degree? Like my flight todat to HUEN; turning to final was a 90 degree turn like an inverted L

Just turn off VNAV, fly the approach so that you come in at a 30 degree angle with the right altitude ans below 200kts and then activate APPR.

Although i still haven’t understood how to do that while following my FPLN but thanks for your answers and help offering… Stay safe🙏

If you have a 90 degree base to final turn, just activate it in the middle of the turn.

Thank you mate… That’s what i was thinking about… Activating the APPR mode in the middle of the turn after switching to NAV 1… Will try this and see… Thanks a lot…

You can also smoothly line yourself up by hand flying with no autopilot ;)

Never said you couldn’t :)

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