Approach mode

When can you guys add approach mode for all commercial aircrafts? Some regions are really hard to land at without that especially at night cause it’s too dark.

Approach mode is on some planes already. It is the button named ‘APPR’.

See here:

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It’s hard to make the code for all the aircraft that have it. They all have different weights and landing speed so if an a380 had an a320s APPR, it might stall out

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With Approach mode you mean the auto-land feature?

Are you aware that you can ‘turn on the light’? If you click ‘pause’ and select Time, you can choose the time and thus also the light.

Also, with airports where it’s difficult to land, I would argue to NOT use auto-land but control the landing yourself. Much more fun!


Yes. Imagine landing in Paro with APPR mode… That’s not ending well…

  1. Not all planes have approach mode in real life.
  2. Programming approach mode for an aircraft is very hard in terms of calculations.
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