Approach mode messing up and unnecessary lag that I wouldn’t normally get

Can someone explain what happened here. Also before anyone asks I got the call outs and warns from @epaga app IF assistance

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This looks like a couple of issues, with activating APPR above the glideslope and that sharp of a turn there. As for the sudden bank, it sort of looks like you stalled for a bit, which is most likely a repercussion of setting the speed down to 130. With APPR, you always want to activate it when you are close to the glideslope, which in this case isn’t fulfilled. You are way too high considering the fact that you are intercepting extremely close to the runway. Combine this with the stall you suffered because of the low speeds, you ended up having that incident.

In the future, I’d maintain a higher speed of 140-145 or extend another notch of flaps. Trim would also help you maintain these speeds and not needing to use flight spoilers. I’d also activate APPR a bit further out, just to have a bit more leniency with the glideslope.


I was at 130 for not even a second of you look at the pfd when I went back to cockpit view it was right back to 140 and that was my landing speed after the go around.

I cut the video down I hit the appr 13nm out and I was coming in low bc that’s what was on the approach from the STAR. As soon as it was about to get gs it climbed way over it the descended -1200 on short final

Btw this is different clips in order before the go around and then after.

Btw how was my landing

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But yes, even that can cause a stall. Obviously, considering you were a heavy 777, you may need to be faster.

Well yes, but you’ve obviously not intercepted it properly, considering it’s still flashing orange when you’re a couple miles out at 3000. In your scenario, I would’ve executed a missed approach, because you’re way too high and off the runway’s course. You had 1600 set for your autopilot, but you are far too high to catch the glideslope.

Yea your right I just realized also I wasn’t over weight on landing. But I was still kinda heavy. I’m used to landing 777’s at 30-35% this one was at 46%

Thanks for the help btw

Also this doesn’t happen for the 757 appr if I were under gs and hit the approach mode it would stay at alt until it get gs then it would descend

Also what about the lag. Also soon as one plane spawns in a 757 may gane just goes crash

Side effect of complex aircraft 🤷‍♂️

As for the lag, set your graphics to low and restart your phone before flying to ensure it’s at it’s best quality. It may be your device that’s running a tad slow so i advise you to make sure no background apps are running and as said above turn graphics to low. Have a good day/night and hope this helps:)

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But my phone was fine up until that last moment. It’s as just so random and I took off with like 4 777’s and no lag at all. So that’s not the problem. Also flying no HUD and low Graphics is impossible

Hmm i don’t know why it was lagging tbh, try another flight and lmk if it lags again. It could just be a one time thing:D

Well Yesterday there was no one at airport and I landed a 77W and the lag was crazy on short final. I had a -500 after a 12 hour flight

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I believe this is the wrong category to talk about lag issues, if you’d mind please change the topic to support and i’ll try assist you further

Check out this Thread, the lag your experiencing is a known issue.

Game Crash

Ok I’ll look

It was but then a mod changed it to General

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Hi, I know why it lagged and why it made that sudden movements.
First, you must align the aircraft with the localizer, and glide slope, the ILS, before activating the approach button.

In the image below, look at the magenta dots perfectly aligned in the center of the ILS indicator. This is how it must more or less look like before you activate the approach mode:


This is how your ILS indicators were when you activated the approach mode:

As you can see in the image above, the The aircraft wasn’t aligned with the ILS. So the aircraft tried to climb (but hadn’t enough thrust and almost stalled) and turn left to align with the ILS.

You should have maintained a certain altitude and heading, generally toward the final, until established to the localizer, which means that these indicators will settle as you approach the final. When they both finally get close to the center, you activate the approach.

Now, the lag I believe it is because of the airplane count, or other players airplane model which you haven’t yet downloaded. Not actually a graphic quality issue. Happens to me sometimes when approaching a busy airport or flying close to another aircraft with a livery I don’t have.

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Oh ok thanks [quote=“Wesley_Ribeiro, post:16, topic:533283”]
The aircraft wasn’t aligned with the ILS.

Next time I’ll make sure both are aligned

No this wasn’t it. The stall was a different reason of me putting but ap speed to low.

Will do!!

No that’s not it. Theew where was one plane there. But the livery thing might make sense but idk. I’ve flown the 757 a lot. And I’ve spawned in the gleefully livery before l.

Thanks for all your help. I’ll do all your tips

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