Approach Mode descending rate

Im trying to substitute APPR with planes that don’t have it, what is its descending rate, its vs? Btw i usually enter the glide slope at 3100ft.

It depends always on your speed

In a normal Jet at an reasonable speed it’s between-400 and -850

150 knots is mine

-796 ft/m at an airport with a ILS angle of 3 degrees

Either check the approach chart which should have a table showing VS based on ground speed, or just use the following rule of thumb:

VS (for 3 degrees) = (GS x 10) / 2

So if your GS is 150 knots maintaining a VS of -750 fpm should keep you on a 3 degree glide.

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The best way to check how well you’re on the glideslope is using the Papi lights though if not having an ILS.

gp angle x groundspeed x 100 divided by 60 for RoD