Approach mode crashing plane

So, I was flying solo in a KLM 777-300ER, was landing in Amsterdam Airport (EHAM) and i decided to try an approach mode landing. I pressed the APPR button and the plane ascended, then stalled and crashed. Why is this?

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These topics may be helpful -


Oh- thanks for that. It may come in handy.

You should make sure that the plane is inline with the glidescope. Too high, and the aircraft will plummet to make adjustments. Too low, and it’ll pull up and likely stall you. That’s probably what happened.


Also, you have to set he approach speed manually. This may have been the reason why you stalled.

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Make sure you are in the localiser, got the right airport selected, below 3000ft and near in line. Otherwise it can go crazy.

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This should help.