Approach Lights!

Hello, fellow community members, I think this will be a great feature to add to the game, as It will definitely give us pilots a better idea if we are fully centered on the center line without having to look at the Localizers!

If you think this is a good idea, please vote today,

You don’t want to wait forever, do you?

Here is a picture of what we could be having in the future:

Approch Lighiting

(P.s I think we need to sort the actual airport lighting first!) =D



I suggest you search for duplicates before making a topic, if you search ‘Approach Lights’ its number one on the list:


I suggest you check if someone already said the same thing. It’s the first answer 😂😉


I looked at the features and searched this topic up and nothing came up, however, I give up, plus I called a moderator.

I give up. =(

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