Approach Lighting System (ALS)

in global flight, live or solo. will there be landing


Please, tell us by what do you mean,

also please use a valid link.


i will describe it, at the beging of a runway, there a lights to help the plane land, white goes down the centre to mark the centre then others are red to say, move over

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So you mean the arrows?

nop, look up on the internet landing lights, then there will be all these coloured lights

Are you referring to the glideslope lights/ PAPI? If so its already implemented.

nop, try again

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Changed the title. Official name is ALS or approach lighting system.

yes i do, those are the ones

We add those to airports but they do not render yet.

ok then, cool

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How will they render? More coding that needs to be done I guess?

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Duplicate :)

Closed that one:)

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Yes, philippe has to should write code so that all the 21 types of lights have unique lighting systems.


Aren’t these called PAPI

No, PAPI are the red and white to the left. He is talking in front of the runway.

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Ok thank you