Approach Lighting System (ALS)

Why not bump it again sir! :)))

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Yes, please! We need this desperately if we need to fly at night.

This would improve the game

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I agree, but with this i think a whole airport lights rework would be needed as the current lights wouldnt work as a ALS system, if you know what i mean.

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Yes, airport lighting before this

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You mean this one?
Taxiway Lights

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Yes, because without it the ALS system wouldn’t match the rest of the lighting in IF. So I think it will be done in one go along with the general lighting.

This can help a lot in the approach, it will facilitate a lot, especially at night.

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This is nice. For small airports, you could also push a button to turn them on like small airports do.

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Isn’t this called the Instrument Landing System (ILS)?

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No, @AviationReports doesn’t talk about the ILS. This topic has to do with the approach lightning system (ALS). Have a look at the photos above, so you can see by yourself the difference between ALS and ILS.

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Thats a great idea! if an Airport has ATC Tower can decide/have the responsibility to turn them on or off depending on time and weather. Although in saying that it should automatically come on at night with the rest of the lights.

Also going into more depth only have them on runways that are active in real life (if possible)


Would love to see this. Especially now with replay,… could make for some absolutely epic screenshots. Got my vote!


Awesome feature request. I would love this to be added but I am unfortunately out of votes😢

Get rid of some in your preferences! It would help me out a lot! :)

Would love to see ALSF1/2, MALSR and some REIL-they seem to be the more prevalent ones from the approach charts I’ve seen. For example-KBOS has ASLF 2 with the “rabbit” on 4R/33L, KLAX has ALSF 2/rabbit on 25L and MALSR on 25R. I would imagine this may be difficult to do but iirc there’s work in progress on better nighttime features-what those may be- who knows at this point.

Fantastic idea!! Would add some realism. The devs should consider this.

well I haven’t looked at my votes in a while. I voted for things that are or are going to be implemented. go my vote. 👍

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Hmm interesting… this would be a great addition for night-time approaches.


We already have the red square thingies if u choose to have those on. Honestly those are longer than any light on the ground. It isn’t needed