Approach LFMN

The ATC are in Nice and I live in Nice IRL.
I find it inadmissible not to make the real approach and to pass over the islands, the cap d’Antibes and others !
The game is supposed to represent reality but it is not the case.
Please, represent the reality by representing the real approach.
Also, the Air France planes in the International Terminal also … but well.
I hope that the approach will be resolved just like the departures, you have to turn right directly, the planes are passing over the city.


IFATC will try to apply realistic procedures where ever possible, but traffic levels in IF don’t always allow for it.

Also the controllers are not necessarily familiar with local procedures being in place as it’s a volunteer service provided by great controllers worldwide.

Thanks for your understanding!


Hello, I’m okay with that, but hey, if I want to do the real approach, can I?
Thank you for your answer.


In the moment there is no approach active, so you probably could give it a try, but I would recommend to try to send the tower controller a PM here on the IFC with your intentions beforehand to make everything clear. If the traffic levels allow they shouldn’t have any issue with the approach.

No problem!


Get what you mean, the real approach for Nice is very beautiful and a bit challenging because of its short final turn but when approach is active you have to follow their instructions first.

I´m inbound right now, 16 minutes left and this might be the first time I´m wishing approach doesnt log in yet hahaha

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In a way, if you request a visual approach, depending on the controller, you might get it. Otherwise as said above, traffic in IF is an exaggeration of real-life traffic.


I will try

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Yes, me too, i’m descending right now for reach the Airport, hope Approach didn’t log so i can ask tower inbound for 04R and not changing runway XD

The only thing I would say with Nice, from my experience of flying there every year for the last 10 years, they have always used 04L/22R for arrivals and 04R/22L for departures.
I have never landed on the Ocean side runway when flying into Nice

Also true from my experience, the aircraft do a right hand bank almost immediately after takeoff


True, the charts explains all that clearly!

Making visual approach is not your solution.

Request Flight Following, and if it is not busy, the controller may approve your request


LFMN is very busy at the moment. Whilst the runways aren’t being utilised fully, approach is doing an excellent job of staggering aircraft to make the Landings work. IFATC will not always use the exact arrivals used in real life, I know NISAR6R is one of the common ones for 04L, but it’s hard to implement when everyone is flying their own plans and coming from different directions. Admittedly the runways are being used the wrong way around (04l arrivals and 04r departures is how it should be), but it can’t always be perfect

IFATC are competent. They go through a lot of training and examination to reach the level they are at. Publicly calling them out is a bit disrespectful, if you have an issue with a member, perhaps consider contacting them privately instead.


ATC is extremely overloaded with the situation here lemme tell ya…

controller change in progress tho, lets hope it gets bettrr now

If IFATC would vector people using the real life approach, it would be difficult to make it accurate due to vectors rounding to the nearest 10 degrees, and difficulty in finding waypoint fixes on the map. In real life, the approach (if present) would give bearings to the pilot once they report being at a waypoint, which is hard to replicate without voice-based ATC. Just read the approach chart and aim to follow real life procedures in terms of bearing, altitude and speed at particular waypoints, but follow ATC instruction at all times to manage traffic flow and separation from other aircraft. Hope this makes sense.

Thanks anyone involved, difficult job indeed. I was happy earlier to be allowed to turn right after take-off to avoid the city, as in RL!

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These Realism™ topics are my favorite. The problem is in real life pilots don’t:

  1. Call in for approach 10NM from the airport at 31k feet
  2. Fly whichever direction or altitude they feel like because they don’t want to follow vectors
  3. Enter from any direction, rather than follow a published STAR
  4. Take off from a nearby field and expect direct approach
  5. Call in for approach flying 340kt IAS right next to another aircraft at the same altitude

I could go on-and-on for days…

Simply put, Realism™ is something folks on this forum love to throw out, despite most only following realistic procedures when it suits them.

You want to fly a realistic approach, fly to the airport on a day that it isn’t featured and doesn’t have 40 inbounds over the next 20 minutes (not Realism™ folks). I love to fly a published chart as much as anyone, I just don’t expect to do it on IF at a busy airport.


I think in real life, ATC can override the SIDS/STARs. It’s a matter of maintaining the most efficient traffic flow in a crowded airspace.

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We can’t always implement real life procedures. Some times we do. Sure, you’re more than welcomed to fly real life SIDS/STARS with ATC not active, but when it’s active please follow their directions.


The typical star for Nice is most likely unable to handle the amount of traffic that was seen yesterday, therefore the IFATC most likely applied their own method. It hurts to see an airport that you know have all sorts of craziness.

it can be frustrating when you know the correct procedures for a certain airport and IFATC seem to vector you off in a random location. As part of my flight planning i program in the expected SID and STAR and fly them where possible however follow the IFATC to fir in with their traffic patterns. Usually when I am approaching TOD I am able to look ahead at my destination and see if there has been a traffic pattern set up by approach, if so i then have time to update own flight plan to try and fit in with it.

As we know this is where an airport has way more traffic than it copes with IRL, on the occasion where the traffic is at IRL levels, then you only have one or two IFATC trying to do the same job as a team of 20 controllers might be doing IRL so there will always be a bit of compromise and a good pilot will take it in their stride and be prepared to change their plan.

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