Approach / landing procedures

Can someone point me in the direction where I can find the meaning of what the, well they look like way points, in atis information that controllers have posted? I look for these points on the map to make sure I approach correctly but I can never find those exact points. Thank you.

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That would be the METAR and airport info! It is a way for ATC to give pilots important information about the flight, and weather. Here is a site I recommend for learning how to decode these messages:

Happy flying!

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Hello mate,

If you are flying into an active airport on the Expert Server that has recommend approach procedures, you can select the ICAO of the airport on the map (the airport dot) and it will take you to a menu.

Along the bottom you will see “PROC”, click on this and it will take you to an option to select arrival, approach or departure. Since you are arriving you can select on arrival and it will come up with the list of STAR’s for the airport and the ATC preferred ones will say “ATC Preferred” in brackets next to them.

You can select this and add it to your flight plan.

Hope this helps you out mate!


I’ve been MIA for almost a year and now trying to get back into this. Appreciate the learning opportunity.

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No worries mate, we’re glad that we can help you out!

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Happy to help!

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