Approach & Landing @ Montshioa Airport

4 years ago I got interested in cockpit videos.

My favourite channel was AeroWordpicturesHD, managed by Air France and Transavia (not sure about that) pilots. It was crazy to see this point of view. Timelapses of planes coming from cruising altitude to the ground was crazy to me.

Now, with the help of infinite flight I can reproduce this feeling, which I did for over 2000 times. But the next step is to share it to people, like me, who love this feeling.

That’s why today I made my first “Approach and Landing” video. Just keeping this part of the flight that fascinates me to this day.

This looks a lot like the videos I watched when I was a younger and I love it.

I already tried to do this kind of videos back in 2016 but… it was bad. You can watch it, I warned you anyway…