Approach Issues

Hey guys,
Just putting up this post to make the community more aware of some issues and inconsistencies during peak hours at airports. Now, I’m not posting this to complain, but to rather share my story and to help the game.

So I was flying a short flight, a 737 from Lax to San, which should’ve taken all of 45 minutes, and would have if the approach wasn’t messed up. I ended up being in the air for nearly 2 hours, and went emergency fuel, because of inconsistency in the approach. I was moved inband out of multiple the approach sequence about 4 times, so people that had entered the approach after me sometimes landed an hour before me. No obviously it was very busy yesterday, however, if you can’t handle the traffic, then don’t work that atc. I kid you not I was in the approach for an hour and a half, while others who entered slightly before or after me landed an hour before I did. If you want the full replay, you’ll see that I just kept getting moved to the end of the sequence, as the controller expanded the squiggles of the approach. I commend the ability to handle high traffic, however request more consistency in doing so. Definitely wasn’t planning on a 2 hour flight.

I think as a community we need to limit traffic better and or make controlling more consistent and fair for all.

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You should always anticipate a longer flight when flying into an ATC controlled airport on the expert server.

No IFATC controller is incompetent, and they are all qualified for the job. With a few exceptions, the controller here appears to have gotten a sequence running pretty well, you can see the Aircraft following a similar pattern. Sometimes there will be considerations such as how fast an aircraft can land, how long it will take for others and also how heavy the traffic is.

Sequencing 50+ planes is an incredibly difficult job to do, and as I said, you should always expect some delays.

If you are not satisfied with the service, perhaps consider becoming IFATC yourself if you think you can handle the load and the stress?


There was a mass of traffic yesterday , for one runway. There are departures as well, so the controllers at KSAN are under a huge amount of stress to get departures out as much as in. This means spacing. Spacing, needs space… A controller will divide this in a way that he thinks will suit the surrounding terrain.

I imagine you had a go around becuase of another aircraft still using the runway. This is why the controller needs more space, yet keeping everyone in a sequenced line to avoid people cutting in, or aggravation between pilots.

When I was IFATC for a short period of time, I learnt how a IFATC controller would deal with situations. I now respect and give them all the time they need, since I know that controlling is a hard workload, especially for approach.


I mean, whatcha gonna do?
As you stated, the ATC had lots of traffic. When they have so many aircraft, it is very difficult to keep track of an imaginary “order” for landing. Although that would be “fairer”, it is impossible to maintain, as different types of aircraft come from different directions at different speeds and at different altitudes.
As @Kirito_77 stated above, being an approach controller is much, much more difficult than an “outsider” might think. The chaos never ceases.


I’m not saying I am. My point is that maybe there is such a thing as too many. Do you really think 50+ planes would ever be flying into SAN? There should be a point in which someone says, alright guys, we’ve got enough traffic. The controller did a good job. But there become limitations when anybody is controlling. No actual controller would be able to do that in real life. People in this game strive for realism, and yet we have more planes on approach yesterday to SAN then we do today to Atlanta. It’s not possible. Either make it more consistent, or allow less aircraft. It’s that simple

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Like I respect ATC a ton. But there are limitations for any human being for that matter. It’s just not possible to have a realistic experience with that many planes

Think outside the box. KLAX closed, KSFO closed so diverts are sent there. Of course it is gonna be busy due to IFATC but that is life.

Well just for reference, Heathrow can sometimes take up to 1300 planes a day. I understand they are completely different airports In completely different locations… But it’s still a valid point.

Perhaps in future if you want a realistic experience, fly somewhere else with less traffic.

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Maybe we need to not use single runway airports on weekends. I mean it’s not even fun anymore when your stuck for 2 hours when u only really planned on 1.

Or you could simply avoid the area🤷🏻‍♂️


So we say constantly use KJFK,KLAX,KSFO,KATL and more international airport would get boring. Open up the smaller airports so that people can explore.

I don’t disagree, but how can we brainstorm to handle the traffic better? A lot of people are arguing with me, when rather I’m just trying to brainstorm, and help the community. Maybe use single runways only on weekdays

I see where your coming from but these people can fly where they want and it’s our duty to provide services to their desired destination. Most of us look at the traffic load and ask ourselves if we can personally handle the load. We have to know our limits as well to still ensure quality services. :)

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I don’t mean to be controversial. I really don’t. I just want people to be aware

The easiest way to handle traffic properly is for each and every pilot to follow ATC instructions immediately and precisely…

People taking longer on the ground, or flying slow on approach all help to build up in delays by slowing everything down.

What with ATC being a rarity on the expert server, people jump onto it immediately because they want to fly with ATC. Perhaps consider flying from a less busy controlled airport, or simply just diverting your route if it becomes too busy.

Complaining won’t get you anywhere…

Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.

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And I really do respect all that you guys do. All I ask though is a tad more consistency. Over an hour in approach when the guy in front of you made it in 30 min is just a little frustrating. I expected a delay, but nobody in their right mind would expect that long of a delay

I don’t appreciate being told I’m complaining. I specified in my main post I don’t mean to complain, but to rather just make people aware of this issue, and see if this happened to anyone else.

We try our best. Some people get there before others but in the end we still need to make sure there’s no conflict and that we are delivering quality. Achieving that sometimes requires having people wait more than others.

What I’m understanding from what you are saying is that KSAN was accepting more traffic yesterday that it ever will in real life and that so many people shouldn’t be flying there at one time. That leads me to my question- Wouldn’t you be apart of the issue if you are also flying into the airport?

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How do you think the IFATC team feel listening to it?