Approach into YVR goes over my house

Just sitting outside on my balcony I’ve seen 4 planes all on approach into YVR. This is a China Airlines Boeing 747-400 from Taipei.


You have an approach path right above your house?! I have a military airway above mine! ^^

As a planespotter for over 3 years this is really cool having an approach path right over my house, i dont have to go to the airport to see airplanes up close

Yeap I understand that… People hate the noise but we love it 😂

XD yah… heard another plane thats 5 now

I have a takeoff path over my house.

Have you spotted the A380 from your house yet?

oh thats loud isnt it

cuz takeoff is full throttle

All the planes departing on the east coast and flights to Europe fly over my house at around 1500ft at takeoff thrust. It’s cool but sucks when your doing homework.

no not yet. hoping

Doing homework… Drawing some flowers or nature…

Then the noise comes…


Decides to draw planes instead 😂


Saw the CI behind my house too. Louder than the 380

Missed R2-D2 today

Plane #6 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Air Canada Express

Today planes are arriving so I don’t have to listen to them.

Hahaha the wind is with you!

At least it’s usually 6 months of torture and then 6 months of peace…

Not sure about where you live but in Singapore the winds (from north to south becomes south to north) change every 6 months…

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Oh yea I just realised! Kallang Military right?

Huh apa Kallang? Now still got Kallang meh? 😂

OOPS my bad AHAHAHAHAH 😂😂😂 I meant Paya Lebar.

Or are you referring to seletar?

Actually I realize hor they fly from WSSL to WSAP de