Approach into Vancouver (CYVR)

Hey community! Hope you all are having a great time.
Here are a few amazing photos of my approach into Vancouver ( CYVR) . Hope you like them.
Aircraft & Livery : Air Canada Rouge A319
Server: Expert
Time: Around 23:45z
Date: Saturday 28th December, 2019
Callsign: Ifly 1
Thanks to @Prashant_Divedi and @Panther for controlling at CYVR.

On final RWY 08R at CYVR

Parallel landing. Jennifer TBM Driver in Dash-8

Touchdown at CYVR

Parked at the ramp with @Sunseeker58 pushing back in Delta A350 for DLVA

Which picture was your favourite one? Comment down below!
Thank you and good day!


I liked the second one. Cool!
Edit: Sorry meant third lol

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Thank you :D @dsrom

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Looks like a great landing

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Nice pictures and nice grease!😉

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Yes that was one of my best landings on the A319. Thank you 😄

Thank you :D

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