Approach into Samos airport

I’m a attempting for fly from Vienna to Samos Airport in Greece, however FLPtoIF only plots the route to waypoint “PIPEN”, and then it goes straight to the airport.

Given the interesting nature of the airport and a lack of clear STAR approach, what waypoints and altitude do I need to plot in for a R09 approach?


when you click on the airport and go to the “proc” side, you will see departures, arrivals and approaches. Then you should be able to select one “STAR” and an 'approach for runway 09".

Watch this for better understanding. Instrument Procedures Tutorial - YouTube

what he means is that there is a lack of STARs and APPs to Samos so he is just asking for some waypoints and altitudes to follow for safe approach to 09. @Chief_Beef

Back on topic @AZ001 There are some approach charts online which cover the 90 degree final approach turn coming in from both 09 and 27. The best way to use the altitude arc to measure your descent rate and change it manually. But generally, if landing on 09, you would fly over the shoreline on your base leg at around 900 feet with visual sight of the mountain.

This should help.


ahh okok i misunderstood sorry @AZ001

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What is the airport ICAO? Looks nice to fly in

LGSM is the icao

I didn’t word the question properly😅

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Thank you so much

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A lot of the more complex procedures have two or more pages in real life, sometimes that might involve a visual manoeuvre following on from an instrument fix (eg Lugano Rwy 19, which has a visual approach that comes off the LOC/DME for the opposite runway… If you just follow the fixes in the IF database then you’ll end up at 6000ft heading directly away from the airport! You need to complete the procedure from the published charts.

This is really the fun bit… Its great to practice these things, very satisfying when they finally go right!

Actually there is no lack of procedures. However, InfiniteFlight can’t display DME ARC‘s and DME waypoints which are mainly used in Greece for departure and arrival procedures.

@AZ001 If you need further help for Samos or general navigation in the Greek airspace, feel free to contact me! Also, what made you fly to Samos? :)


thanks for the correction, I’ve myself have never flown into Samos so this was just at the top of my head.

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First of all, I missed a group flight into Samos that was organised by some friends.

Secondly, I am practicing these unconventional approaches into airports, and Samos, Lugano and Kai Tak are on my list

Also include Calvi if you want! It is at the same level of difficulty as Samos

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