Approach ILS

Hi! I wanted to ask you please if you can illustrate the procedures in numerical order of the precedence to be done in case of ILS approach and also to how much distance click on APPR because often the plane tends to oscillate before the red cone, I thenk you in advance!

I think this is what you’re looking for:


Thanks you so much!

This procedure is an adaptation to Infinite Flight (concerning A321):

The anti-bobbing trick it to set flaps 1 at 1 dot above glide (when the plane tends to jump up and flaps 1 makes it dive down). In real life it is not required to do like this because autopilot and auto-approach are very smooth.

Thanks for the reply!

Infinite Flight fix the APPR and the OP changed. Instead of the autopilot goes crazy try to get you align with LOC and GS after you engage APPR mode, you need to armed the APPR with VS mode in use and go intercept the LOC and GS in order for the APPR to take affect. Which I think is more realistic and comfortable. The tutorial will definitely help you on it! >_^

Thanks! :)

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