Approach ignoring you

To add to @Babacar, you will be demoted to grade 2 for 7 days so you may only fly on the training or casual server for that time.


Approach is the hardest frequency… And yes they forget about you, not everyone is perfect. Imagine vectoring 100 planes in a pattern… Asking for vectors is just gonna make the frequency busier, when ATC has cleared you for vectors there is no point asking again. Just be patient or fly into a different airport. (IFATC is great!)
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Take up your report with the controller, they do it for a reason… and yours was duplicate messages on an already busy frequency.


MaxSez: The only response required here is “Contact the Controller Once”. Insufficient data on this situation was not available to draw conclusions nor editorialize. See my Topic on extemporaneous commentary relative to a Ghost:
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You all deserve theBAD PEANUT Award “Peanuts All!!!” WHO’S NEXT!


This happened to me at KSAN one time. I ended up in Arizona because ATC forgot about me lol

@bcc.123. MaxSez: Read the previous comment on Ghost Responses by the undersigned. This Bad Peanut is yours.


What I do is a little Callsign “with you” if I think I am forgotten about.

I doubt this happens extremely often. Being an expert server controller myself, I know how things are run and know that it is extremely rare that you are forgotten about.

They are. Trust me. It takes most people weeks, if not, months to become IFATC and we have to go through multiple tests and evaluations aswell.


I remember seeing that it took 7 1/2 months for someone to finish training.


Now that is a long time.

It’s been about 3-4 months for me. I started recruiting about 9 months ago but started becoming extremely dedicated to ATC in October 2019

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I invite you all to read the topic above that was made not even 2 weeks ago. Just let the controller and OP talk in a pm, the rest is off topic.





I understand how frustrating a report must’ve been, especially if you’re new to the expert server and didn’t quite understand what was going on. I think we all, you, everyone else on this thread, and the controller just need to have a bit of compassion for one another. This is probably the most cliche thing I’ll say in this reply, but take this as a learning experience. I presume you were a grade three pilot. In that case, you should have access to the expert server in about a weeks time. I’m training to become IFATC, so if you want we can hop on the training server and I can provide near-expert-server-level-atc so you can run through some circuits (pattern work) and I can give you feedback on your flying so you can go back to the expert server with confidence!

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[insert confusion here] Allllrighty then

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No need to comment.

The OP and the controller are taking care of it in a PM.

If you haven’t yet, please read the topic that @Neeson52 linked above.


MaxSez: Read the previous comment on Ghost Responses by the undersigned. This Bad Peanut is yours.

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Is that your translation from the image? 😂

Alright, good to know that they got in contact with the controller

I don’t even want to scroll up further to see the comments 🙃