Approach Ignores Me

Just like the title says. They gave me an approach vector by then forgot me and I flew out of range of the approach center. I turned around and repeatedly requested ILS vectors but got no response. Planes that arrived after me landed before me because they were not ignored. This happened at JFK this morning on the expert server. I would expect it on training but not on the expert server. Shouldn’t they have at least put me in a holding pattern?


Maybe the controller was busy. I suggest waiting about a minute and then requesting again. It might also be a connection problem so make sure you have a strong WiFi network.

How long was the wait? NY approach and departure is very crowded.

The wait was pretty long but there was a plane that the controller had follow me but then it was told to turn back to land but I wasn’t so I flew out of the area

There is a lot of people in that airspace you should talk with your controller about this in a PM.

Was there a recent controller change while you were being vectored?

I requested about ten times but after I reconnected to the frequency I never received a response.

No. He had been controlling for over an hour.

Well, your best bet is DMing the controller, as @Sashaz55 stated.

Check your logbook to see who the controller is.

Did you get ghosted? Because this happened to me on my old account. I was ghosted and was ignored by ATC because you’re technically kicked off the server, and basically offline…

If you need further assistance please PM me. I’d be glad to assist.