Approach icon on IOS for ipad


This is my first post, so please forgive me if I’m not following certain protocol or posting in the wrong forum.

I play IF on my iPad mini 2 and my iPhone 6. On my iPad I am wanting to learn how to use the approach autoland feature. I’ve mastered it on my iPhone however I’m having some difficulty locating the approach icon for the autopilot on my iPad. Oh the iPhone autopilot options are on the left near the throttle and on the iPad they are on the right. Even when I have everything lined up perfectly (or as perfect as possible) the option never appears on the iPad. Even when I start the flight on approach, it doesn’t show up however on my iPhone it does.

Has anyone had experience/guidance with this?

Many thanks!

What plane were you flying on the iPad?
Is there button missing or just not clickable?

A321 and 737-700. The icon isnt visible

A321 is weird, but the 737-700 it doesn’t have APPR. Only the 737 BBj. Are you updated to the latest version? What liveries do you see for the 321?

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