Approach hold bars infinite flight

if you have hold bars in front of an approach are you required to get a clearance like you would when crossing a runway or you can cross with no clearance?

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Are you talking about ILS critical area on the taxiways short of the runway?
If you are, then no, I don’t believe you need to hold short of those markings, only the actual hold short lines.

someone correct me if I’m wrong, though

How I understand it is no, you don’t hold short of the ILS critical area. In real life though, if ILS approaches are being used, you do have to hold short of them. I guess you could for realism?

no in real life if you have a taxiway going in front of a runway you will have hold bars like you would before going onto a runway and you would need a clearance to cross

Here is an example of what I am saying


Oh, okay I understand what you’re talking about…

I could be wrong about this, this is just what I’d do, but if it’s a hold short line, I would request clearance. It never hurts to, since the consequences of requesting a clearance to cross without needing to are much less severe than crossing without a clearance.

Oh! I was mistaken, @Oskapew can probably tell you more about that than I can. (:

Ok. I was just wondering. I’m approaching an airport that could have ATC and has that so I wasn’t sure

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If I’m being honest, I’m in IFATC and can’t give you a solid answer, but as @Oskapew said I would still request to be on the safe side. If I was the controller I wouldn’t report it, unless it caused something like a go-around.


Ok yea like idk why someone would report if there’s literally no one on the runway but I wasn’t really sure. And couldn’t find anything in the IF manuals. So yea I was hoping there was some proper answer

In your example, you would be required to request runway crossing as those are hold short lines. You could be reported if you don’t.

I think for this one you would actually need a clearance in IF. I’ve been given a warning once at RPLL. ATC didn’t issues ghosts for that though because a lot of people don’t know how to handle the holding bar there.

On the other hand, sometimes there are hold short lines in the middle of nowhere (eg. at KDEN). Not sure about those.

Just make sure to stop and request clearance if you encounter those hold short lines (can be found in front of a runway or the approach path of a runway):

You don’t need to hold short at those lines, they mark ILS critical areas but are not enforced in IF:


And those lines are not enforced in IF too:



In this image, ATC (in real life) would instruct the pilot saying “Hold short of the 26L approach.”

That currently doesn’t exist in IF.

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