Approach headings

So when I play on expert server and contact approach they always give me perfect vectors to a runway. (For example, Delta 279 maintain 3,000 and turn left heading 245.) How do they know what heading to tell you. I go into training and try to do that but I don’t know the direction of the headings. How do they know all the headings and how can I know them?

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Try the drag and vector feature. Tap on an aircraft, and drag your finger to where you want it to go. It should help you greatly. :)


In addition to what @TaipeiGuru said, it also comes down to making a plan. Before opening, choose what headings and altitudes you want to give people to put them in a line.

What you’ll commonly see is 90° increments.

Take EGLL for example. Runway 27L has a heading of 270. This means that the crosswind leg for left traffic will be heading 180. Downwind is 090, and base is 360. Just 90° changes.


Have a look at this video, and learn some really cool stuff. You should try it some time; that’s what Training server is for 😊


Oh my gosh thank you!!!


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