Approach frequency didn't show up in ATC Menu

Hey guys,
I hope you can help me out, maybe I’m just missing something. A few mins ago I was performing my first A380 flight since the release of global. (Yes it was a very basic flight I know) So maybe, just maybe that was the problem? As I was approaching OTHH I got an on guard warning by ATC. However, as you can see I wasn’t able to join the frequency, as it wasn’t appearing on the screen. I couldn’t figure out directly wether it was OTHH approach. After the third warning I stopped my descent and started a 360 for spacing and got the report of course.
Ironically I was then later able to contact ATIS and Tower, however I’m not sure if I reported also means ghosted - but as tower wasn’t responding I quit the flight to avoid any other misunderstanding. Certainly a sign from the airplane-airplane-god to stick to freighters again. ^^
Am I in the wrong? Am I missing a detail? I don’t know. Would like to know an opinion from a qualified perspective. :)

Edit: As the pictures aren’t in the order I uploaded them, look for the bottom left corner of the screen. I changed to flight time instinctly as I was kind of expecting to get into trouble.
Device was Galaxy Note 3 running Lolipop on a Wi-Fi connection

Ok so the problem is is that you are out of range to contact the atc sadly there is no way to tell the atc that you cannot contact him/her because you are out of range.

That’s because there is no Approach ATC there right now… I don’t see one on my map??
Did it happen recently?

The atc probably left maybe.

Could be…
Always look out after APP ATC starting from FL180 and going down.

I’d recommend PMing the person who ghosted you. In this case that is Misha

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Isn’t the Approach range up to 150nm and 18k ft? I wasn’t that far out was I?

It’s not only how far out you are it also depends on your altitude.

But the exact altitude and distance I don’t know.

But I was below 18000 ft

Well maybe you did get ghosted like @tomthetank said.

from the image above i see him at about 30nm ot at bellow 10000. so was in range for approach.

At the top of the last picture it says you were reported (report = ghost) by Misha. PM him.

If you were under 18,000 feet and within 50nm from the airport you should be talking to approach ATC. It’s strange that you didn’t have that as an option, but Misha will be able to tell you more than any of us.


but just for info if it happens again you can select your airport from map. select info. and can always tune into frequency from there. for this you can contact the controller.

Sometimes you can go to the map and tap on the airport. Then you might be able tap on tune next to the approach frequency.

Edit: someone beat me to it

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Dang. True, silly me haven’t thought about doing this…

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I’ll get it reversed. Wasn’t aware the frequencies were different. This ones on me, sorry!