Approach EHAM with 2 violations,2018/29/07

Sunday evening 29 July 2018 I left Frankfurt (EDDF) for Amsterdam (EHAM). As I approached the IAF ARTIP 32 nm from EHAM I realized that there were many aircraft landing, so I decided to keep a quota of 15000 ft. and wait (holding) waiting without interfering with EHAM landings. I was contacted by EHAM ATC of my intentions on what I wanted to do. I declared my decision to get closer to LANDING. The answer was that if I did not decide I would be gosting … then I was authorized HDG 360 and quota 6000 ft … later HDG 270 and all this in a fast and arrogant way … despite having performed the instruction was forgotten by the ATC and after about 10 min. I decided to stop the flight disgusted … I repeat everything happened at 32 nm. from EHAM so far from Amsterdam’s air traffic! rightly I have made mistakes, but I would like to know which and I have the right. I do not like being judged by arrogant boys who believe themselves to be gods. He reminded you that in the real flight you are punished for voluntary errors and in any case there are instructors who help you, and this does not happen in infinite Flight. finally I ask you how it is possible to fly with ATC active and be perfect without a patient instructor at least for the first flights? In November 2018 IF’s subscription expires … I have time to reflect! Hello to all.

Have you considered contacting the ATC controller directly with a professional, open-minded dialogue? These “boys” volunteer time to direct traffic and they do not get paid for it. They are only human and can make mistakes too. No need to be angry and leave in “disgust” we are all here to learn and have fun.


If you can remember who was controlling the airport, your best bet is to contect them via PM so they can personally tell you what you were doing wrong.

In any case it’s better to just contect ATC and let them issue a holding pattern instead of just assuming you can do it yourself. You were probably interrupting the flow of traffic so the ATC was trying to quickly (and frustratingly) get you back into the traffic pattern.

Violations are just a part of learning and it’s okay to take a step back to reflect on why you got them and don’t be too bummed out! Just get back on your feet and never stop trying!

Capt. Dwyer

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Direct your speech towards the ATC who was in charge when you were there. Rather than giving us a long story of how you accumulated 2 vios, better talk it out with the IFATC member and resolve the issue with him/her.

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