Approach controller at KPHX

I found out to my amusement that almost every pilot that checked in with Approach at KPHX a while ago got a “check tutorial from the forum“ from the controller. I got it even though I first checked ATIS before contacting this individual. Funny enough after sending the “check tutorial”… he told me to expect the same runway I requested. So am checking the forum. Is a glitch or the controller just having a bad day on the job.


Contact the controller and he will explain for you

Please send a message to @mwe2187, I’m sure he can explain exactly what happened, we do not know what happened. What time were you flying?

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That’s not the guy

I think I have an idea of what might have happened but definitely PM the controller who was tagged above.
Edit: Oh, ok, don’t do that.

Do you know the exact time you were flying?

He was probably sending you that because you don’t need to check in when you’re approaching an airport. You should directly request for the service. Check in is used on departure when requesting to follow your FPL.


Wow thank you for saying that. After all I maybe shoulda checked the forum lol. Didn’t know what I did wrong at first

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You know who the controller is obviously. Send him a message and he will explain to you about the CHP. I’m sure that he has a reason. No need to waste time discussing with us because we don’t know what happened. Only the controller knows.


@Jeffrey1o2 is your guy

No, no nothing like that. I understand me. I believe I did everything right or maybe almost every pilot did the wrong thing.

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Contact the controller.

It’s been said a couple of times, we can’t help you since we really don’t know 🙂.

If you don’t know his IFC profile just tell us his name in the IF and we will redirect you

You said that all aircraft were checking in… You’re not supposed to check in to Approach. Check in is only used when being handed off to another controller.

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Most get it wrong😉

Anyways that was a quick assumption if you wanted a fast response/answer. PMing otherwise is the way to go. I think the topic should be close now 🙂


This thread is turning into a mess, the OP has been told what to do and @Captain_Zen helped with a little explanation, no more responses are needed. If you have a question about what happened ask the controller, don’t ask us because we don’t know!

All of this is not needed!

If it’s already been said don’t post it again.

I believe the controller has been tagged already.

You were given Check Help because you checked in, and then requested ILS - which is redundant. You do not need to check in to approach when you are making your first contact.

Simply request your ILS. That is why you got “Check Help” as you were calling in incorrectly.


CHP was given, pilot went to the forum, answer given. Love it when things work out. Please PM the controller if you have additional questions.