Approach contact Distances...

What’s the maximum distance that you should contact approach? And also if you get a on guard but can’t contact that frequency can you be ghosted/reported on expert server?

They won’t ghost you. They only on guard if you can already contact them. ☺


50nm/Fl180 for approach


Ahh ok i have been on guard when I couldn’t contact them. But they may have been confused…

Awesome thanks heaps. 😁😁

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On guard procedure/when to contact:

Tower: 10,000ft AGL or below, 25nm out.
Approach: FL180 AGL or below, 50nm out.


What @Trio said is correct. If you are within these boundaries and have not contacted, the controller may on guard you. As long as you respond promptly after the on guard, you shouldn’t be ghosted. If you ignore ATC then you likely will be.


Please don’t contact appr when you’re cruising. We prefer to have everyone at 50nm at 18k.


It takes some time to develop a sense of space in the radar screen. There’s a learning curve and sometimes new approach controllers end up on guarding aircraft that are outside of their airspace… it happens.

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Yeah that’s true. I have done it a few times myself and realised afterwards that I shouldn’t have sent an on guard message.

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Usually whilst descending, unless told by the STAR chart to expect vectors after a certain waypoint - in which case I’ll contact approach just before said waypoint.

I realise it’s not ideal because there is no way of telling a ATC that you’re descending via a procedure. I realise that procedures can be difficult to apply in IF, but a way of telling ATC that your doing something might be cool. i.e:

“SoCal approach, Emirates 215 Super descending via A STAR”

Not intending to create a feature request, just providing food for thought.


A lot was mentioned already and I guess you have your answers.

What I want to add here is, to keep a good eye on your radar, and, while descending and getting closer, find the approach lineup and steer your aircraft in the right direction; which is often not the shortest path to the airport. This way, when it’s time to contact Approach, you’re already in the right direction and altitude, and you have slotted into the lineup. This makes life for Approach a lot easier.


Wow that is awesome thanks so much.

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