Approach config with flight connect api

Is there a way to set airport and runway for the approach via the API. I see an option to only turn it off and on.


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Are you asking about Infinite Flight approach configurations or is this related to a third party application?

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I am asking about the API. Using it to build a third party application.


Would you like to use it to create an app that can help you during the approach and landing phases?

Need to add it within the IFJoy app.

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Sorry, this isn’t something that’s available in the Infinite Flight Connect API at the moment!

What’s the use case for this? We can look into adding it :)


I’m building a joystick app for IF with all functionalities from pushback to auto pilot.
There are two things that are not working and are very crucial
Reverse thrust.

You can view IFJoy - A free, full fledged joystick and controller for IF(mobile app)(open source) for more info.

PS: a few other APIs are also not working. What is the right place to report those issues ?

Oh, are you referring to the Approach AP? If so that’s definitely something we can look into.

If I recall correctly, reverse thrust does work; enabling it switches the throttle to “reverse” mode, you then need to increase it for reverse thrust to kick in.

Feel free to report more of these here, too:

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Laura helped me with the reverse thrust API. The docs and sample code were outdated I guess. That is sorted out.

And yes, I meant the approach AP.


@Cameron One other query. The zoom controls for camera in the API docs dont seem to work. What is the exact command and the parameters that need to be sent ?

Thank you.

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