Approach command questions...

Can someone explain when to use the following?

  1. Request Approach
  2. Request radar vectors
  3. Check in

I think “Flight following” indicates you’re following your flight plan, but ATC may vector you off if there’s a conflict.

@Aviation32 ( Approach controller to the best ) could answer :)

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These may help :)

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Flight Following is actually a VFR ATC service, when available (workload permitting), that allows pilots to receive traffic advisories or other related information (wx, atis, etc) as it pretains to their flight. The pilot contacts ATC and request flight following. If its a VFR filed flight plan they will know where you’re going. If your not on a VFR flight plan they (ATC) would get the necessary info from you the pilot (Aircraft/transponder type, direction, altitude, position and your intended destination) and then issue you a squawk code (transponder code) so that they (ATC) can monitor your flight more attentively.

That’s how it is In Real Life. And the easiest way I can explain it. Not too sure it serves the exact same purpose on IF.

Here’s a really good article I found written by Malcom Dickinson on Flight Following Procedures.

For those that want to know how we use it IRL.