Approach Charts

Where is the best place to learn how to read approach charts?

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10 second search on YouTube.


Did not explain everything but ok.

Maybe the next search result will work better


I already doing my search. Thanks. I thought someone on this forum would have one that explain everything.
Thanks again.

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I kind of taught myself how to read them when I started using them for my flights. They’re kind of self explanatory, and if you’re using them in Infinite Flight you really don’t need most of the information on the charts anyway (besides heading, altitude, speed, ILS/GPS/VIS) since we don’t have flight computers that require all the other information to fly.

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There’s a tutorial on the IFC:

Can you perhaps offer some specific questions you still have? Aeronaut’s tutorials are pretty darn comprehensive, so if there’s something that’s still not answered, let us know so we don’t just regurgitate what he’s already explained better, probably.

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This video explains literally everything, the rest is special cases, I don’t get your point.

Which video?

Thank you.

Thanks you.

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