Approach Chart Question

Hey guys. So I was looking at the visual approach procedure for Innsbruck Airport, and I saw some things that didn’t make sense to me. There are some waypoints that are labeled like D1.4 OEV or something like that shown here:

At first, I thought these were some weird waypoints that didn’t exist, or they could have something to do with the DME. If anyone knows, please leave a comment. Thank you!


Where did you get those charts from are they latest Cycle?

They are from Jeppesen

Can you post the link of charts

Those are fixes, see this document. They may or may not be in Infinite Flight.

Those charts are from 6 July 2018 and that cycle is old so maybe the waypoint were removed?

That’s how far it is from the VOR “OEV”, 1.4 DME.


Sometimes they are present as waypoints in game but until we get a VORs update, you won’t get them.


Nailed it DME to the VOR.


Are those waypoints that need to be filed in a flight plan or are they a point of reference?

They’re not necessarily waypoints. You would be using RNAV to measure the DME from OEV and OEJ, so when your equipment reads that you’re 4.2 (or similar) from OEV, you’re at that point on the chart and you would fly/position yourself accordingly.

This is a transition from an instrument approach to a visual appproach at DME 6.3 (OEV).


I was going to guess that but didn’t want to. 4.2nm from OEV and 6.5nm from OEJ. That is good to know!

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It’s very useful info, now I can fly that visual into LOWI correctly :D


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