Approach Chart of airport

Hello everyone. I hope you all are having an amazing day. So, I want a approach chart of Los Angeles and San Francisco Airport. Can anybody give me the approach charts? Or atleast can anybody tell me a website’s name where i can get approach chart?

Hi, @Tanwar_Ahmed_Chowdhu!

Here you are. :)

In the future, you can search up the airport ICAO followed by “charts.” For U.S. airports, at least, they’ll show up 9 out of 10 times if the airport has procedures.

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Thanks brother.

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Also airmate is incredible. They have charts for approach, departure, taxing, and more.

If you have a Vatsim account you can also use I’ve used it for all my flights it is very useful.

The best source for any airport is always the country’s aviation authority.
For the US it is the FAA.
They publish Airport data and charts in several ways, the easiest to access is this database:
FAA Airport Data
The official data is always up to date. It is the only safe source.


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