Approach bug

Every time when I click on cleared for GPS app or cleared for ILS app the game fall away. If it not happand the first time it happand the second time it is for me impossible to be an app controller.

iPad 4
iOS 9.2 newest version
Newest version IF

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Hello someone this is a serius bug

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I’ve heard of this bug but I’ve never experienced it myself.

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I was app on KNUC and the first time I say it it Goes good but the seconde time not

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Yes. Happens to me as well. Steps to reproduce are simply clicking on ILS and choosing the runway where there is no ILS, only GPS.

Dylan, just click correct :)


I’ve made a bug on this already Matt said it would be fixed in the update and I haven’t had a problem since but appearently it’s still there. @matt

I have a similar problem but the app crashes when the frequency starts to get busy. I’ve created a topic about it but received no solution

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Do you have a very simple and clear repro case for this? Be as precise as you can.

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I don’t have a full repro for this case unfortunately. I can say that it’s mostly when acting as approach controller and on busy airports e.g it’s happened many times on San Clemente on the Playground server. Once the list of pilots who are tuned to my frequency starts to increase the app will suddenly crash, usually when I’ve just clicked an instruction (I’m not sure what instruction). Sorry hope this can help

Are your settings to the lowest?

The settings were on full because during flight the settings run on full perfectly with no lag. I lowered water quality and turned off AA and I still experienced a crash but not as frequently