Approach be able to view ATIS


I think it’d be cool, and convenient to be able to have the approach or center controllers be able to view the ATIS of the airports they are sending traffic to and from. Maybe this is a good idea, maybe not? What do you guys think?

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It would make Infinite Flight more realistic for sure!


Or even just knowing which runways for takeoff and landing would make it easier for approach and centre


Sounds like a great idea to me. It would help coordination with the local traffic, for sure - especially when all the runways are in the ‘green’. Of course if you’re doing a tag-team with someone else ideally you’d be talking to them, but during changeovers and scenarios when you can’t get in touch with the person on the other frequency, this sounds like it’d be quite handy.


Isn’t being able to see the METAR enough info?


Not always, - what if wind is calm and all runways are deemed by the system as ‘active’ - let’s say, at Palm Springs (31L/13R) or at KSFO with four intersecting runways? This is one example, but the general idea is flexibility in how the info would be communicated between the two controllers.


We’re drafting something right now to improve communication between everyone in IF, including ATC’s.

Chats on Live

In the Live feature, a messaging feature should be implemented. This can be an optional function pilots can use to communicate with other fellow pilots. It’s very helpful and beneficial whenever there is live events.


You may not even have seen me if you were busy, but thanks for stopping by at KVNY earlier matt. Got some great pictures of you- oh and don’t worry- I don’t get up to that dangerous taxiing, incorrect parking area usage and worryingly low pattern work normally- paparazzis and their mayhem have arrived in IF!


It’d be nice along with the predefined messages, an option to be able to join a like world wide chat for the map you are playing, so that way you can keep in touch with pilots around you possibly when your in a black spot between flight with no active ATC’s, or to have the option to make custom messages when contacting ATC… A thing I’ve noticed lately is controllers attempting to get me to change to their frequency when I’m too far out of range and this often gets spammed and you can’t even inform the controller of your scenario…