Approach ATIS

Hello IFC
I came up with this suggestion called Approach ATIS This is for when approach is online and they are not accpting any departure commands or they will ve vectoring people after departure like how @anon66442947 does it.I just takeoff from CYYC and when I contacted approach for FF they Just gave me a frequency change command so I assume he wasent accepting FF commands.Just wanted to see what you IFATC officers think.


…what are you saying

There should be ATIS for approach frequency

Open the airport menu on the map if ATC is active and tune to ATIS if you want the ATIS frequency while in the air…


Precisely what Ed said. By opening up the map, tapping on the airport, tapping on INFO, and clicking on TUNE when lit for ATIS, you’re able to tune into that frequency at a range much further out than by clicking on the headset icon.

You can tune into the ATIS before you get in range to tune in for Approach. If approach had an ATIS, (which doesn’t exist in real life) they’d likely use the same information that you’d find from the standard ATIS issued by Tower/Ground