Approach atc was not showing up

I was making my approach into VVTS today and while the tower was telling me there was an active approach atc, they were not showing up on my list of active atc, and it would not let me switch to them when I was asked to change frequency. Any reason for this? I ended up quitting as I didn’t want to be ghosted.

It’s a common bug where frequencies don’t show up. Try flying a bit closer or use the callsign “NORDO” to notify controllers you can’t communicate. If you get ghosted, PM them and let them know of your situation.


Turn airplane mode on for 30 seconds then back off again. Usually does the trick. In the meantime change your call sign like @Tsumia suggested. Also, if tower hands you off to approach, if you press send and switch then you should switch to approach anyway.

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