Approach ATC Vienna 2/11


I’m a little confused about why the traffic pattern at Vienna is/was so big today? All of us being vectored around ended up on final 70nm out with speeds reduced to 175kts, was going to be 30 min on final until another controller took over approach and pushed us all up to 200kts. We weren’t expecting to have that large of a pattern and another aircraft had to declare a fuel emergency in the latter part of the approach.
I totally get how busy the airspace is today but the big pattern seems a little bit roadkill lol.


The reason why they had the big approach line full of vectoring because it’s to build spacing for one runway. I’m not sure if they were landing on 1 runway or 2 runways today

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You answered your own question. Vienna is the hub for today and it’s really busy, and there only using one runway for all arrivals like @MJP_27 said. Just try and be as patient as possible with the controllers as they are trying there best for the quickest possible approach.


Yeah we were all landing on 34 today as far as I’m aware

If you look at your replay, we could direct you to who was controlling at the time and you could PM them with your questions. But the answers posted so far are true.

No worries! I’m not disputing them at all lol. I completely understand :)

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@SycamoreAviation I completely agree with you here.

While I do understand that it is busy, the line has been like this for the majority of the day! There were many ways the controllers could have shortened the line. Like others have said, try reaching out to your controller! They can give you the best answer.


I has been langing here on 737-800 Ryanair 2604 wh

en the second controler “take his seat”) (near maybe 18 or 17 zulu time) and I also had fuel emerginvcy) a had only 1% fuel when I stoped in the gate/ I was some shoked)) I had fuel to flight and for 45 minutes in reserv))

and also it was only 1 land runway because they (rws) cross each other

Hi! Just to add to what others have said! To begin with, the approach controllers were doing an excellent job at Vienna today, the spacing needs to be done that way to keep things going smoothly, even if you have a STAR and/or approach procedure filed, approach will definitely vector you. Also it was about maximum 30NM from the ILS for the final turn to the ILS cone, great spacing for don’t forget, singular runway operations! Hope that contributes a bit more to what has been said!😊


Hm, no. when I started to turn towards the runway, I was 67 miles from the end of the runway.
And Arrival procedures taked me 1hr 3 min (from descend 9000ft to landing)

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Ok we understand. As someone said above, your best is PM your controller and talk with him this situation.

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