approach atc questions

  1. if i am Approach atc and i tell someone to reduce speed on final and they dont, do i just leave htem or … what do i do?

  2. if i contact approach and ask for vectors to a runway, do i just keep my heading and altitude until they vector me, or what if they go idle? what do i do? do i just contact tower?

thanks for any answers

I assume you’re on training server. You can try to repeat the message and see if they listen, but no guarantees. I recommend joining IFATC for a polished ATC experience.

As soon as approach tells you “expect vectors for…”, you don’t need to change altitude, heading or anything like that. It’s approach’s job to guide you safely to the runway. If they close, follow traffic in front of you, and make your way to the runway in an organized manner. Do contact tower if you’re in range.

Hope this helped!


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