Approach ATC problems

So when approach ATC is online, they like to give us vectors but sometimes if the airport is not busy and we have STARs in the flight plan ATC can just let us use those. To request no vectors, I just request descent via this STAR and ATC gives me vectors. I request descent via the STAR again and he tells me to check tutorials on how to use ATC instructions.

So the main problem is that ATC forces us to use vectors (which they are allowed to do) but I am just making a general complaint of how approach ATC just frequently complicates things when unnecessary in literally empty airspace when I would prefer to easily do my approach on the STAR which would be more realistic than using ATC’s unrealistic altitudes and vectors which delay my flight and expert server is supposed to be about realism

This is a very general problem which happens very often so do not comment “PM your controller”. Also don’t say that in busy airspace you may not be able to use the STAR because this still happens in airspace that is literally empty like 1 plane in the sky. Are ATC supposed to be trained not to do this? Do you guys also experience this problem frequently on the expert server

And also some advice to ATC, when I switch to tower frequency if you repeat the previous person’s instruction to “check tutorials” it will not increase the probability of me doing so

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Hello, Nick! Thanks for the feedback. I agree that vectors and the “please check the guide” are used far too often. We continuously encourage our team to work smarter, not harder.

Based on your topic it seems you already know what my feedback is going to be:

PM the controller

Speak to them directly, providing the exact scenario, callsign, and any other pertinent information for them to review their replay to find various ways to improve. As a side note, our ATC Manual does encourage the use of shortcuts when the airspace is slow. This is likely the reason for your vectors in this scenario. I wouldn’t classify that as right or wrong, instead saying it was unnecessary given you were already on a STAR.