Approach ATC Problem on Stopover Flights

I am doing a long-haul flight from ZSHC-ZSPD-ZSQD-KORD-KDFW right now and I encountered a problem while descending into ZSQD. I was about to ask ATC for radar vectors into the airport until I realized it only gave me an option to ask for vectors for KDFW (my final destination in my flight plan). There wasn’t any options for ZSQD which was the airport I was descending to. Is there a solution to this? Or should I’ve just altered my changed my flight plan?

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Unfortunately whatever airport is your final destination is what will show up for you and the approach controller.

I suggest altering your plan, and then planning your routes one destination at a time, Park, and re file!


Sounds like you were tuned in too far away. Remember to tune in within 60nm from your destination. Regardless of your destination the airports in range will become an option in the ATC menu if you tune to frequency at the right time. I’d recommend holding off contacting approach until you have them on your ATC menu via the headset icon.

Also, regarding the flight plan, I’d recommend just doing each route separately and filing a new one once landed otherwise this sends the wrong information to controllers who will assume you’re headed to the final destination and the rest as rest are just waypoints.

Happy flying!

Ok I will do that next time. Thanks for the help!

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