Approach Atc incident at expert server

I was on the approach frequency vectored by Iszh34 the last thing he sent me was to turn righ hdg 200 dec 4000 and thats what i did exactly 2 min later he sent please follow instructions i opened my eyes wide to see what instructions i didnt follow i didnt see anything. Then followed again by 2 follow instructions then instructed me to execute missed approach.
Here he made me mad i turned left and asked him to flight following to stewart as i dont wana land again here
He sent in very rediculous way to check tutorials on forum

Plus this is the first time i see final approach on 4000 feet on KJFK

Im not sure Who should check the tutorials really !!

Message the controller directly or contact an ATC moderator. A topic is not needed at all.


@LSZH34 If needed…