Approach ATC Ghosting at Canberra

On approach to Canberra in the Sydney region I was contacted by the approach controller twice, but I was out of range. I could not respond to the tower and I was ghosted, I have screenshots to prove it. I feel like the unlucky player in IF.


Same problem here

Yeah the approach controller could call me, but I could not get the frequency. Seems like you have the same problem. Except you didn’t get ghosted.


@art_martinez will address this when he is free.


Thanks! I would appreciate it!

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If ATC needs contact that far outside airport airspace, the only way to get the frequency is via direct handoff from the departing airport I believe. I’m sure Art will shed some light.

And yes @Dashsolpher1 I quickly ended my flight right after the second on guard warning where I realised I couldn’t contact approach 😏


This happened to me as well, but I didn’t get ghosted.

Don’t you love inflexibility? D:

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Hey buddy my apologies if you were out of range. Center was on for a while and I was getting a lot of planes on my frequency that were further away than you so I was wondering why you wouldn’t respond to my on guard message. It seemed like you were following your flight plan but then again it might of happened while center left. I’ll reach out to a mod to have it fixed. Can you give me your call sign 😬


What’s with the negativity? It was a simple miscommunication and it’s being resolved in a timely manner. What’s your question?


I think @zbelle meant the inflexibility of the game, not you @art_martinez . You did an outstanding job. Well done.

Having to end flight due to irrational fear of being ghosted over a miscommunication, Mostly. The game doesn’t give you many outs in these instances…

As you said, it’s being resolved in a timely matter . :)


For the record.
Just remember, if a ghost is falsely executed, it’s does not effect your flight time or XP for that flight. This means that when its reversed, it’s like nothing has happened, so this fear you have shouldn’t be there if your not doing anything wrong. Ghosts are always followed up.

If you want to debate this or take it further hit me up in the DMs.

Good day.


I’m sure there was a reason. Check out this topic:

Any screenshots?
That would actually help clarify a few things

Yeah my callsign was United 10 1 9 Heavy, thanks a bunch!

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I have had the same issue cpl of days ago with Tom on appr…he was contacting me but i couldnt get the appr freq in drop down box…usually 70nm out u could see the appr freq and 30 nm out u het tower freq in drop down…in this occassion i was well inside 60 nm out and didnt see the appr freq…while talking to Tom it seemed that aircrafts kept dissapearing from radar…i ended flight because didnt want to unsettle the sequence he was giving…i think its a technical issue there

Dont have to tag him…we had talked about it…was just responding to the topic that it might be a technical glitch in the game and his ghosting could be reversed if the ATC mods think the same😉

Yeah, it bugs me too when San Diego Center annoys me with the “you’re in an active airspace” while I just took off from LAX

Which server did that happen?