Approach at KPSP about 15 minutes ago on TS

Did not get the name but this approach controller seems fit for expert server, i was vector into PSP with last minute runway change.


sorry to say but not many TS1 controllers/pilots are on the forums :(


Pretty sure I had the same person who ran Kuala Lumpar centre the other day and managed to direct traffic when strong winds closed the North heading runways. Had to direct people over mountains to get us lined up to land. Was amazing, never got their name but both times they seem like the same person. For all we know they could be an IFATC.

interesting recommendation given that it is TS when hardly anyone listens to ATC…hehe

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If this is you, please contact one of the scouts/recruits. We would love to get you on the team :)!

Being fit for approach doesn’t mean you become an expert server controller.

All applicants must be able to control both Tower and Ground at the start, overtime a expert controller will grow and have the chance to go for approach.

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