Approach at EHAM.

Hey guys, I was on approach at EHAM for 1:30hours and I was confused if I was doing good or not and I thought to ask you if I was doing good or bad. People who were there and experienced my approach controlling please let me know on how I did.

Thank you everyone.

Next time let us pilots know that you left.

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I did sir. 😉

Didn’t get the warning…

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Not bad Glen. Although approach service from Brussels to Rotterdam was unavailable, I was still on your frequency until changing over to my tower. Listening in on your session seemed fluid enough for an advanced controller. I would have preferred direction but I also understand you were essentially controlling two airports with far more traffic inbound for Schiphol. Good job.

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Sir, thank you so much for your understanding. Sorry I couldn’t provide the vectors to Rotterdam. Thanks. :) have a nice week.

You got it. It’s a tough position. I can only think of maybe three advanced approach controllers who can slay large volumes of traffic heading to multiple airports clustered throughout their control area, and keep cool. Keep up the good work and enjoy your week as well.

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