Approach At EGLL [CLOSED]

Please fix the title if it’s wrong but right now I’m live controlling approach at EGLL on training server


That’s cool! I recommend you control at airports smaller or big but with not much traffic like for example KSEA, KPDX, KFLL and many more :)

I do not know if there is a thread to announce what frequencies we are opening in TS, but if it does not exist we should create one to know with whom we can make a good control or where there is no ATC that they do not know

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Also if you want people to come you should make an ATC tracking thread.

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Idk what that is

But it should only be for joining IFATC.

@Ur_Friendly_Approach you want to know what an atc tracking thread is?

No one has requested any approach control from me:( lol

The tracking threads are only for GND and TWR, he is announcing that he is on the Approach frequency in KLAX

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Oh ok sorry guys didn’t see the approach lol

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So isn’t anyone gonna show up? It isn’t that busy ATM

Attention all aircraft London heathrow approach is now closed. Good day!

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