Approach app crash


Earlier today I was doing approach at EGLL, 10 minutes later the app froze and there was no response for about 20 seconds then the app restarted.
Then, started approach control at KLAX, 10 minutes in, the app froze again.

Please help

Thank you


Are you running the latest IF version and what are your graphics at? and what device do you use?


I am currently using the latest version and all graphic settings are set to medium.

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What device? What phone are you using while playing IF?


Apple iPad 2018

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Also try restarting the device or clearing the cache. before the flights.

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I will try that now.
Thanks for the help Aiden

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Your welcome if its still crashing try contacting one of the mods or schyllberg

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Use this thread to make sure you have the recommended settings for your device.


Also, the iPad 2018 hasn’t had time to be fully tested and optimised for the app, so expect a few compatibility issues 🙂 it is still a very new device.


Thanks for the help


Read this and see if your problems are the same as mine…

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